Oriki Arts is a nonprofit performing arts company based in San Jose, California, dedicated to providing opportunities for the community to experience African culture through dance, drama, music, poetry, chants, folk stories, and drumming. We offer a range of programs from school outreach to community workshops and seasonal productions.

Oriki Arts was founded almost twenty years ago, continuing to provide high-quality programs that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

Oriki Arts offers several programs including:

  • Sharing Africa in the Classroom:
    An interactive presentation of African culture through dance, songs, chants, and drumming targeted at K-12 students.
  • Season Productions:
    Full theatrical stage productions showcasing African stories and culture.
  • Community Drumming Circles & Workshops:
    Hands-on drum circles and workshops for all ages.
  • Rites of Passage:
    A manhood training program for African American boys aged 13-17, focusing on leadership and life skills.

Yes, Oriki Arts programs are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet the needs of various audiences, including different age groups and settings like schools, community centers, and corporate events.

The Oriki Rites of Passage program is a manhood training initiative for African American boys aged 13-17. It offers coaching, mentoring, leadership development, and life skills activities based on eight principles from traditional African ceremonies, guiding them towards successful adulthood

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