Founded almost twenty years ago, Oriki continues to provide our community with high quality programs that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Africa. All our programs have a track record of cultural authenticity, artistic integrity and technical excellence.

Our Sharing Africa program remans a highly respected and sought-after program in our local schools and community centers. Our ability to adapt the program to different audiences and align it with California’s education standards has allowed middle school teachers to incorporate it into their course on Africa. Sharing Africa features Oriki Theater’s ensemble cast of highly skilled and talented dancers, drummers, poets, storytellers and singers. Our Rites of Passage program is second to none and continues to grow in popularity. African Americans’ dispersed presence throughout Silicon Valley presents a unique challenge for our youth as culturally responsive programs are few and far between. African American boys are particularly at-risk in the absence of safety nets that provides immediate support when they encounter either performance difficulties or social challenges. Oriki’s Rites of passage program confronts this reality and presents African American boys in Silicon Valley a guided path to successful adulthood.

Our commitment to serving the under-resourced members of our community is unwavering. We offer our programs to young and old in low-income zip codes and use the performing arts to connect, empower, engage and uplift our community. Our programs open windows and doors of hope to communities that have, for far too long, been underserved. We place the performing arts in the community and allow the community to draw its strength and identity from it.

Our audiences are drawn to our programs for a variety of reasons. Some come to get their fix of African rhythms; others come to spiritually connect with their ancestry, or to study the African culture as expressed in dance and movement; or just to have fun. Educators routinely use our programs to animate their Africa curriculum. Whatever your motivation is for coming to see an Oriki show or attending an Oriki event, one thing we guarantee is you will leave the experience with a deeper appreciation of Africa and its people.